Conscious Candy Making

We are a socially and environmentally conscious confectionary company located in South Central Los Angeles. We may be in the candy business but we understand that life isn't always so sweet. We volunteer our time and pledge 5% of sales from your purchase to aid environmental and social justice non-profit organizations in Los Angeles and New Orleans.

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Customer Reviews


These were very tasty! I really liked the few chocolate ones that were included as a surprise. One that I ate was really sweet, but the others I sampled were not overly sweet. I will be ordering more to share again.

Jessica Crawford

Yummy treat!

Absolutely loved the pecan praline! It was delicious and great treat. I warmed it up and it was amazing, melted in my mouth. Definitely would recommend it to all

Maria Ismail

Delicious pecan pralines ❤️

These pecan pralines are one of the best pralines I’ve had. They’re so soft with pecans in every bite. My son Nicholas had me some shipped and trust me I’m so glad. I would definitely recommend these. Not being selfish with these will be very hard lol.

Angela George


My Mom had a couple of these pralines and she is NOT EASY to impress when it comes to pralines... and SHE LOVED THESE! She ate them all in a little over 24 hours. If you are not in New Orleans (or even you are ) and want a good piece of this great city for dessert, I recommend order SEVERAL of these!

Bryce Jones


I typically do not like sweets with nuts, but this praline is amazing and heaven sent. I’ve given it out to so many people and they all fall in love!
I am a monthly customer and not ashamed to say it.


The History of the New Orleans Praline

The origins of the New Orleans praline stem from the most unlikely reason which spurred a movement of entrepreneurship for the city's newly emancipated African-American women.

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In the kitchen of a two-story home on N. Roman Street in New Orleans’ 7th Ward, a little girl named Ann showed interest in learning the family recipe for pecan candy. Ann’s mother, Bernice Morney, would recruit her husband and their eleven children to pick fallen pecans from the backyard tree or the numerous pecan trees found throughout the neighborhood.

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