First Year Reflection

This time last year, I decided to take a leap of faith and finally launch Ann’s Creole Candies. I had so much trepidation back then. Do people in Los Angeles know what a praline is? If not, would they try it? Would they like it? If they like it, can I make enough? This year has answered a lot of those questions but time will tell just how far we'll grow!

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My Hurricane Katrina Story

There are moments in time that have a lasting impact on the individuals who experienced them first hand. For New York, that moment was 9/11. For New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, it was Hurricane Katrina. Seventeen years later, we still reference time bookmarked by this event. Stories told mention Pre-Katrina/Post Katrina or Before the Storm/After the Storm in much the same way we all mention Pre-Covid or Pre-Pandemic.

Here is my story. 

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