Our Values

Ann's Creole Candies is a socially and environmentally conscious confectionary business located in South Central Los Angeles. We may be in the candy business but we understand that life isn't always so sweet.  You can find us actively engaged in a multitude of efforts to make our community and environment better. For every follower we receive on Instagram, we pledge $1 toward non-profit organizations that reflect our core values. For every order we receive, we pledge 5% of sales to further aid these organizations.

Opportunity so often overlooks those who have made past criminal mistakes and forces them to wear the stigma of a criminal record. Even after paying their debt to society, many of these individuals struggle to find steady employment or the ability to earn a livable wage due to their past conviction. We volunteer monthly with a local non-profit organization that provides a variety of services for individuals rebuilding their lives after a conviction. Specifically, we assist with legal clinics that provide criminal record expungements, which allow the organization's clients to move on with their lives. In addition, we make regular monetary donations to the organization.

In addition to our restorative justice work, we also believe that protecting our environment ensures our future. Trees are vital to our survival by not only providing the oxygen we need but also by removing pollution from the air. We volunteer with another local non-profit organization that works in the urban communities of Los Angeles by planting trees to aid in beautifying and shading our neighborhoods. The organization also works in our local mountains replanting trees following wildfires. In addition to volunteering with tree planting events, donations are made to aid the organization in its ongoing efforts.